Pediatric Primary Care

Resident Continuity Clinic

Tufts Medical Center participates in educating the next generation of pediatricians - something we are very proud of! The Resident Continuity Clinic is a primary care home for many of our families and patients. Pediatric residents have graduated from medical school and have committed their careers to caring for children, but they are still learning how to do this independently. Our faculty supervise pediatric residents in the Pediatric Resident Continuity Clinic, the primary care home for patients and families who see resident pediatricians. The Pediatric Resident Continuity Clinic sees children of all ages, from birth through adolescence, for both routine primary care and urgent care. This includes monitoring young children for healthy growth and development, to treating asthma, eczema and ear infections, to helping teenagers lead healthy lifestyles.

The benefits of being a patient in our Pediatric Resident Continuity Clinic are, not only do you get both a resident and supervising faculty members (two pediatricians) to see your child for routine primary care, you also get to spend potentially more time with your doctor. By bringing your child to our Pediatric Resident Continuity Clinic, you are helping to train the next generation of pediatricians, which many families find very rewarding. During any given year, we are training 20-25 residents, and getting an appointment to see one of our resident pediatricians is easy – they are often here on the same afternoon each week for a majority of the year.