Influenza (the flu) is the name for a series of viruses that are spread through the air. Symptoms of the flu or similar but worse than the common cold. 

Flu season starts in October and continues until May in the United States, which means that your child is especially at risk for contracting the flu season during those months. As the winter wears on, your child may become even more at risk until the flu season peaks in February. 

Although the virus can cause serious complications for the young and elderly, there is no need to fear the flu if you prepare your family and take precautions before the season strikes. If you think your child might be at any sort of risk, the best action you can take to avoid the flu is to set up an appointment for him or her to receive the vaccine, which is available in a number of forms. Your child can be vaccinated with a nasal spray, or an intramuscular or intra-dermal shot, which is administered just under the skin. 

Receiving the flu vaccine will not guarantee that your child will be flu free, but it significantly reduces the odds that you will contract the virus. There is a two week period after you receive the vaccine before it becomes fully effective, so you should help your child make an effort to practice proper hand washing techniques and avoid contact with people who might have the flu. If your child does happen to come down with the flu after being vaccinated, he or she will most likely experience a much milder version of the virus.

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