Center for Children with Special Needs

Helpful Links

Links for Parents

LD Online
A recommended web site on learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and other professionals, including links to helpful articles for kids.

Partners in Education
It is essential that parents understand the special education system. The Partners in Education course is a 3-hour online self-study course for parents of children with disabilities, designed to teach the skills parents need to advocate for their children.

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY)
Information on developmental and learning problems such as Learning and Reading Disabilities.

Federation for Children with Special Needs
A center for parents and parent organizations working together on behalf of children with special needs and their families. Parent information and workshops include basic rights, and IEP and other special education issues throughout Massachusetts.

Put Reading First: Helping Your Child Learn to Read (PDF)
A National Institute of Child Health and Human Development publication for parents that recommends and describes methods and activities for early literacy.

National Center for Learning Disabilities
A website for parents of children with learning disabilities. This site provides helpful links and information regarding early literacy and literacy assessment including literacy games for children and resources for parents through the website.

WETA Learning Media Yellow Pages
A directory of resources for children with LD including schools, centers, professionals and products.

Links for Children 

Learning Disabilities Worldwide (LDW)
A website with resources for both parents and children providing LD information, publications, videos and organization and study strategies to foster academic success. This site is also an excellent local resource for high school and college students

Reading Rockets
A website for families on reading and learning that includes strategies for children learning to read, and tips for helping children learn to read. Reading Rockets is a website that works in conjunction with PBS literacy television programs.

All Kinds of Minds
This website highlights work by Dr. Mel Levine and has information on a variety of neurodevelopmental and educational issues with specific, targeted recommendations for parents and teachers.

Schwab Learning
Schwab Learning is dedicated to helping kids with learning differences be successful in learning and life.

For parents: – “A Parent’s Guide to Helping Kids with Learning Difficulties”

For Kids: – A Schwab Learning site just for kid’s with educational games and activities.

"Kid-Friendly" Explanation Links