Center for Children with Special Needs

Social Work

CCSN Social Work Internships: Goals and Objectives 

For both BSW and MSW interns:

  • Exposure to the field of developmental disabilities (DD) in pediatrics;
  • Develop an understanding of the categories of Neurodevelopmental Disorders per DSM5;
  • Understand the impact on individuals and families of various types of DD and comorbid emotional and behavioral conditions.
    • Further development of a sense of professional identity as a social worker working in a teaching hospital as part of a multi-disciplinary team with other health care professionals.
    • Development of case management strategies including: researching and providing community resource information; reaching out to families and providing them with culturally competent support, advocacy and follow-up. 

Additional goals in skill development and training for MSW interns:

  • Conduct culturally competent bio-psychosocial assessments of children with DD, and their families; Providing a written assessment; Delivering findings and recommendations to families.
  • Exposure to, and opportunity to practice evidence-based counseling interventions with, children/ adolescents and their parents affected by DD and co-existing mental health concerns such as: anxiety, depression, emotional and behavioral dysregulation.