Child + Adolescent Psychiatry

Child Trauma Clinic

Helping Kids Cope with Traumatic Experiences

Every child responds to traumatic experiences differently. Led by Alice Connors-Kellgren Ph.D. and Sylvia Krinsky, MD, the highly trained clinicians in the Child Trauma Clinic at Tufts Children's are skilled in the evaluation and treatment of the psychiatric issues that can stem from trauma or be influenced by it. We understand that anxiety, depression, mood swings, behavioral problems, phobias and more can manifest in kids exposed to trauma. Whether your child is dealing with the effects of abuse, bullying, divorce, death, an accident or another traumatic experience, we’ll work with your family to help you all cope better together.

Expert Care, Evidence-Based Treatment

We believe that exceptional care requires exceptional treatments. At the Child Trauma Clinic, we rely on evidence-based approaches to help ease the effects of trauma, including trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy, prolonged exposure therapy, grief counseling and, when appropriate, medication. Because a child’s response to trauma can affect the whole family, we work with you to address the emotional impact for both child and parents, helping you move past guilt, self-blame and other negative feelings—and toward a healthier, happier relationship.