Critical Care Medicine

Experts in caring for sick children

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at the Tufts Medical Center is a combined medical-surgical unit with Board Certified Pediatric Intensive Care Specialists coordinating the care of sick children with other medical and surgical specialists as well as the primary care physicians. The team of clinical providers prides itself on taking the concept of family centered care an extra step.  Parents are more than welcome, and actively encouraged, to participate in the morning rounds and discussions related to their child. We strongly believe that parents’ active involvement in their children’s care and in the decision making process enhances the trust and confidence in the medical team treating their children. To reach the PICU team at Tufts Medical Center, please call 617-636-5007.

The PICU team manages a pediatric critical care transport service as well. The team of experienced critical care nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics, is responsible for transporting critically ill children from community hospitals to Tufts Medical Center when needed. The Team can be reached at 1-877-OK-TUFTS.

We are also an active and vital component of the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center at Tufts Medical Center.

Comforting care

Even the simplest medical procedure or test can trigger a high level of anxiety in children. Sometimes to the impediments of the test or the procedure, that's why we’ve created a Pediatric Sedation Unit and “Comfort Corner” designed to provide a warm and comforting environment for children who are undergoing various medical procedures and tests. The Unit was built with a key contribution from the Ronald McDonald House® Charities, features a playroom, as well as procedure room, a recovery area and an exam room. If your child needs painful procedures or long tests and is naturally anxious and worried, our sedation staff, with the help of Child Life Specialists, are on hand to provide helpful distractions before, during and after the procedure to calm and reassure your child.

The sedation Unit and Comfort Corner can be reached at 617-636-1800

Outreach and research

Our Pediatric Intensive Care Specialists are actively involved and available to provide feedback and educational courses to the medical providers in the communities we serve.