Research + Clinical Trials

At the Tufts Medical Center Pediatric Hospitalist Program, our board-certified pediatricians are also active members of the Tufts Medical Center research community. We're leaders in the emerging field of hospital medicine, and we're committed to improving patient care and safety at Tufts Medical Center and around the world.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Our doctors are involved in efforts to develop clinical practice guidelines for pediatric hospitalists. These guidelines provide a "roadmap" for hospital best practices and help physicians deliver more efficient and effective care.

Physician-to-Physician Communications

The world of health care gets more complex every day, and members of the health care community need better ways to communicate with one another. Facilitating collaboration between members of a care team is an integral part of our role, and we're leading research efforts to develop new systems to enhance physician-to-physician communications.

Standardizing & Improving Care for Newborns

Every child is unique, but research shows that following standard protocols can help care teams give newborns a healthy start.