Infectious Disease

Unexplained Fevers Program

If your child has been having unexplained fevers, we understand how frustrating and scary that can be. We know you want answers so that your child can start a treatment plan and begin feeling better. That’s why the specialists in the Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Tufts Medical Center use the newest tests and techniques to get you those answers.

It is actually quite common for people to develop fevers without a known cause. In most cases, these unexplained fevers are caused by infections that cannot be easily identified. A child’s body becomes feverish as his or her immune system tries to fight off the infection but usually recovers after doing so.

In some cases, unexplained fevers can be signs of more serious medical conditions like Kawasaki disease, HIV and cancer. Because of this, the doctors at Tufts Medical Center take unexplained fevers very seriously and often order a number of tests to ensure that the fever is not an indication of one of these life-threatening conditions.

Our doctors often begin by learning everything that we can about your child by repeatedly asking about his or her medical history and performing multiple physical examinations. We then use diagnostic techniques like blood, urine and stool tests, TB skin tests and chest X-rays to determine what the underlying cause might be. The results of this first round of tests will tell us what other diagnostic procedures will be most useful in finding out what might be causing your child’s fever. In any case, we use every method possible to determine an accurate diagnosis.

If your child is suffering from an unexplained fever that has lasted for more than 8 days, call your pediatrician or one of our infectious disease specialists at 617-636-8100.

To make an appointment, please call 617-636-8100.