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Pediatric Concussion Care Program

The Most Complete Recovery Possible

Mild-to-moderate concussions or other head injuries can cause serious health problems. At the Concussion and Brain Injury Program at Tufts Medical Center's Tufts Medical Center in Boston, our multidisciplinary expertise helps your child experience the most complete recovery possible.

Unlike many pediatric concussion or brain-injury programs, ours is grounded in the neuropsychological tradition. That is, we focus on how concussion or head injury affects memory, concentration, learning, balance, eye coordination, sleep and behavior. Our goal is to fully restore not only your child's physical capabilities, but also his or her mental function.

We see patients ranging from infants through young adults.

Who Will Care for Your Child?

As one of the largest pediatric concussion programs in Boston, our patients receive careful attention from a variety of pediatric neurology specialists who understand the nuances of evaluating and treating concussions and other head injuries.

When diagnosing and treating medical complications of more severe head injury, we sometimes consult with Tufts Medical Center radiologists and neurosurgeons. At the Concussion and Brain Injury Program, kids receive careful attention from a variety of specialists who understand the nuances of evaluating and treating concussions and other head injuries.

How does having a multidisciplinary care team help your child? We can distinguish between injuries that have a good outcome with rapid return to full activity and those that require further evaluation with gradual return to full activity. And we have the skills to manage whatever health challenges your child might be facing, so that he or she can return to a normal life.

Paying Attention to the Details

During your child's first visit, we perform a thorough physical and neurological examination to understand the nature of his or her injury and identify any problems that may prevent a swift recovery. By listening closely to you and your child, we gain deeper insight into what's going on. We may also order neuropsychological testing and/or brain imaging.

Following our evaluation, we work with you to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Typically, we use medications to treat symptoms such as constant headaches, difficulty sleeping (insomnia) and depression. We may also prescribe medications to improve cognitive function during the recovery period.

Your child's treatment plan may also involve dietary changes, neutraceuticals (nutritional supplements), physical therapy and/or complementary therapies such as acupuncture. In addition, we educate you on what to do while your child recovers, such as encouraging rest and avoiding physical activity.

Recovery from a concussion or other head injury can be a slow, frustrating process. Our team will help you and your child get through it safely and at just the right pace.

To schedule a first visit or rapid follow-up after evaluation at an emergency department, please contact our pediatric neurologist-on-call at 617-636-5114. One of our concussion experts will try to see the injured child or athlete as soon as you feel is necessary.