Newborn Medicine

Affiliated Community Nurseries

Expert Care, Closer to Home

When you have a critically ill newborn, you want to stay as close to your child as possible. At Tufts Medical Center, our goal is to help you do just that. We have an extensive network of affiliated nurseries throughout Eastern Massachusetts, so your baby can receive optimal care in your own community. Because the same highly trained neonatologists and nurses that see patients at our Boston location also regularly visit our affiliates, you and your child can build a lasting relationship with one expert care team, both home and away.

Working Together for Healthier Newborns

Helping newborns thrive requires a whole team of skilled practitioners, from neonatologists and nurses, to respiratory therapists and pediatric subspecialists. Our experts at Tufts Medical Center also help staff at our affiliated community nurseries, and work closely with those hospitals to deliver exceptional multidisciplinary care when your child needs it most. Each of our affiliates offers maternal–fetal medicine services to help identify high-risk pregnancies and other potential concerns before birth. If your infant needs a higher level of care than an affiliate provides, our Newborn Transport team is available 24/7 to bring him or her to our tertiary level NICU in Boston—and to return your baby to your home hospital when the time comes.

Tufts-Affiliated Nurseries Are Located Throughout the Region

Whether you’re located north, south, or west of Boston, we have an affiliate near you: