Sports Medicine Program

The Pediatric Sports Medicine Program at Tufts Medical Center in Boston provides highly personalized care for your child with the sophistication of programs designed for professional athletes. Whether your child is a top competitor or just loves recreational sports, we can help your son or daughter get back into action safely and as quickly as possible.

Helping young competitors

Everyone develops continuously until adulthood, which complicates the treatment of physically active children, teenagers and young adults. Since 2004, Stuart V. Braun, MD, Chief of Pediatric Orthopedics, has treated hundreds of young elite athletes, some of whom compete at the Olympic level. 

Hundreds of parents entrust Dr. Braun with their children’s care because of our doctors’ in-depth knowledge of growing athletes’ physiologies and the conditions that affect them.

Typically, the first time our specialists see an athlete is following an injury.  Our approach to sports medicine, however, covers more than treating your child’s injury. It also accounts for every aspect of your child’s health so he or she can regain comfort and normal function and perform at his or her peak ability.

Read the guide to children’s sports injuries and their prevention by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The academy’s Patient Information section also includes a collection of Sports Injury Prevention articles, covering sports from baseball and football to golf and swimming, as well as topics including the risks of steroids and advice on returning to play after an injury.

Care for all athletes

Our care for athletes also includes education on safe rehabilitation and injury prevention, and we design a custom program to help your child excel in his or her favorite sport. Even so, if your child trains vigorously and regularly or plays a high-impact sport such as football or hockey, injuries can be a fact of life.

That’s why we also work closely with the specialists of the Sports Medicine Program at Tufts Medical Center.  By rounding out our team with orthopedists who treat adult athletes, we provide a seamless transition for your child to adult care as he or she develops into a young adult athlete.

Such continuity of care for young athlete like yours is hard to find, even in a hub of medicine like Boston.

We provide the full range of resources for your child athlete at one location, including:

Our support staff excels at scheduling appointments on a single day with multiple specialists and services to make your visit efficient and convenient. Best of all, it doesn’t take weeks to make an appointment to see our sports medicine team.