Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Expert pediatric physiatrists

The Department of Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (also known as Physiatry) at Tufts Medical Center treats children and adolescents with neurological, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, from mild to severe, to improve their function so they can enjoy fulfilling lives.

We use advanced, mostly non-surgical therapies to provide exceptional, individualized care to children who have physical limitations — and other difficulties such as speech disorders — caused by their disabilities or injuries. All of our care is delivered with warmth and a high level of personal attention.


Complete, long-term care for disabilities

Many disabilities are complex and require sophisticated treatment, which makes choosing the right medical center and physiatry program a challenge. At Tufts Medical Center, your child’s care will be managed by physiatrists who have dedicated their careers and training to treating children with disabilities.

Our objective is to help children like yours stay in school or enroll in the school that most appropriately meets their needs. Additionally, we provide the support and medical care that helps them build and maintain friendships and enjoy rich and rewarding lives with their families.

Many patients continue their care with us over the long term for reasons that include:

  • We offer a combination of world-class care and personal attention from experienced pediatric physiatrists not found at most major medical centers.
  • Tufts Medical Center has specialists in every area needed to care for children with complex disabilities, including Orthopaedics, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Rheumatology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Orthotics.
  • The tight-knit relationships we have with colleagues in these other disciplines often allow us to schedule appointments with multiple specialists on the same day, minimizing the strain of travel on you and your child.
  • Our care plan for every child includes a high level of coordination of and communication with your primary care doctor and specialists and therapists in your community to ensure exceptional and continuous care near home while reducing your travel.
  • The Pediatric Physiatry team provides personalized support and education to help you and your family navigate the difficulties and uncertainties of caring for a child with an impairment.
  • We draw on the resources of both Tufts Medical Center to provide you with the convenience, comfort and confidence of exceptional, personalized, lifelong care at a single medical center.