Pediatric Pulmonary (lung care)

Pediatric Asthma Program

Helping Children and Teenagers Take Control of Their Asthma

Managing asthma can be challenging for children and parents alike. The skilled doctors, nurses and support staff in the Pediatric Asthma Program at Tufts Medical Center’s Tufts Medical Center understand that this condition can be difficult to treat. That’s why we specialize in helping children and adolescents with moderate to severe asthma, from premature infants to older teens. We offer extensive evaluation using state-of-the-art equipment, as well a range of therapeutic options to help kids breathe easier. But treatment is just one aspect of care: We also provide ongoing education and support, so that you and your child can better manage asthma on your own. Our objective is to empower our young patients to reach their full potential by controlling asthma—without letting the condition control them.

Personalized Care for Your Child's Asthma and All of Its Symptoms

In Tufts Medical Center’s Pediatric Asthma Program, we believe that successful care isn’t just about diagnosis and treatment—it’s about helping kids live life without limitations. Our academic medical center setting allows us to develop a seamless team that works with your child’s primary care physician and other specialists if appropriate, to develop an asthma management plan that takes your child’s individual needs into account. Yet you’ll never feel like your child is just another patient. Instead, we strive to provide personalized, family-centered care, with the same physician dedicated to your child every time you visit us.