Pediatric Urology

Urologic Emergencies

Exceptional Care in a Comforting Environment for Children with Urologic Emergencies

Our highly skilled pediatric urologists are ready 24/7 to treat children experiencing urologic emergencies, from urinary tract blockages to acute testicular pain. We manage every pediatric urologic emergency, including:

  • Urinary retention (inability to urinate)
  • Pain from blockage of urinary tract due to stones or any other cause
  • Acute testicular or scrotal pain from a twisted testicle (torsion) or epididymitis
  • Foreskin problems, such as stuck foreskin (paraphimosis) or skin caught in zipper
  • Acute, severe urinary tract infection resulting in pyelonephritis or kidney abscess
  • Ruptured bladder or urethra
  • Kidney trauma
  • Blood in urine (severe hematuria)
  • Prolonged, painful penile erection (priapism), often seen in sickle cell disease and leukemia

We're Here to Help 24/7

We are equipped to manage all emergency urologic cases, 24/7. Our dedicated doctors and staff are sensitive to the needs of children in emergency situations and are experienced in delivering outstanding, urgent care while providing comfort and reassurance to patients and parents alike.