Exceptional health care depends on an outstanding team of practitioners—and nurses are an integral aspect of that care. At Tufts Medical Center and the Tufts Children's Hospital, our professional nurses work side-by-side with physicians and colleages to provide a continuity of care that enhances patients’ outcomes. Whether you are expecting a baby, undergoing surgery, managing a chronic condition or anything in between, we build a lasting relationship with you, identify your needs and advocate for your health. We work in a variety of specialties throughout the hospital to deliver evidence-based care that puts patients and their families first.

Patient- and family- centered care

Patient-family-centered care is the foundation for the design and delivery of care at Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Children's Hospital.  We are committed to partnering with patients and families to assure we meet and exceed their healthcare needs.  A major initiative that formally launched in 2012 was our model for shared governance or shared decision making across Patient Care Services.  We recognize that incorporating the needs, perspective and expertise of each member of the health care team strengthens our organization.

Focused on quality and safety 

We also benefit from closely examining factors that affect Quality and Safety.  Learning from mistakes and being accountable for performance in an environment free from blame are key elements in ensuring safety and a fair and just culture.  We routinely review our performance and share it with others.  This transparency is an essential demonstration of our commitment for excellence.

Care across the healthcare continuum

Lastly, we understand that care doesn’t end once you leave Tufts Medical Center. That’s why our nurses partner with you and your family to help manage medications, educate you about your health and assist you in succeeding in caring for yourself at home. With a large number of baccalaureate- and master’s-trained nurses providing care at your bedside and beyond, you can rest assured that your health is in experienced hands.

About Us 

The members of the Department of Nursing work side-by-side with physicians and other health professionals to serve the patients of Tufts Medical Center and the Tufts Children's Hospital. Our department strives to fulfill its vision of exemplary practice, innovation, scholarship and leadership by providing exceptional patient-centered care, partnering with both patients and practitioners, standing at the forefront of clinical research and training the next generation of nurses. We are inspired by our guiding principles:

  • The nurse, as a partner and a leader within the healthcare team, ensures integration of care
  • Teamwork by leveraging the strengths of diverse individuals
  • A highly reliable organization that embraces professional practice and a zero defect culture
  • Shared leadership that fosters empowerment and participation by all
  • A spirit of inquiry and commitment to evidence-based practice and nursing research which contributes to the nursing community
  • Exceptional performance in quality, satisfaction and cost through accountability and transparency
  • Resolute advocacy for patients and families

Led by Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services, Terry Hudson-Jinks, the department boasts a wide variety of highly skilled nurses who have been trained to work in different specialties, including adult medicine, pediatrics, critical care, surgery and more. We draw on the resources and multidisciplinary expertise afforded by our location in a major academic medical center, while providing you with the compassionate, patient-centered care you expect from a smaller community practice.

Nursing Excellence Awards

During Nurses Week each year, Tufts MC and Tufts Children's Hospital honors excellence in nursing with an awards ceremony and reception. Nurses are nominated by their peers, leadership and patients, with a committee choosing the recipients. We are fortunate to have generous donors who sponsor two very special awards: The Ryan Compassionate Care Award and the Edward and Sylvia Jaye Excellence in Nursing Clinical Practice Award.

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Nursing Awards

Nursing Awards

Nursing Awards

Into The Future

The Robin and David Jaye Center for Nursing Excellence is committed to extraordinary safe patient family centered care. Our goal is the restoration of optimal health and promotion of well-being through diversity, innovation, inter-professionalism and evidence based practices. Through our Professional Practice Model of Scholarship, Leadership, Innovation and Practice, excellence in care delivery is promoted and established using three theories: 

  1. Relationship Based Care
  2. Leninger's Transcultural Care
  3. Neuman's System Care Model

The Jaye Center for Nursing Excellence supports the advancement of clinical nursing and inter-professional collaborative practices through research, innovation, professional development and quality.  Teams of expert professional development directors and clinical educators work interdependently and synergistically, ensuring care of patients and families is grounded in the art and science of nursing across the entire lifespan.  The four domains that advance clinical care delivery are:

  1. Excellence in Patient and Family Care
  2. Excellence in Nursing Science
  3. Excellence in Innovation
  4. Excellence in Organizational Outcomes

Nursing, in partnership with interprofessional colleagues, patients, and families develop and promote strategies to improve health preferences for patients, satisfaction of service, promotion and sustainability of new nursing knowledge and science, a healthy workforce, just culture, and an opportunity for lifelong learning among healthcare disciplines.