Religious + Spiritual Support

There for you, when you need it

Chaplains + Pastors

Tufts Medical Center offers interfaith chaplains to speak with you and your family, and offer emotional and spiritual support and guidance. If you wish to speak with a chaplain, ask the nurse or other staff member on your unit to make arrangements. Or call 617- 636-5111 and ask the operator to page the chaplain.

Meditation Room

The Marjorie Hanna Cleveland Meditation Room, located on the 6th floor of Tufts Medical Center, is available for prayer, meditation and quiet conversation.

We ask that patients and families refrain from bringing food and drinks into the room. We also hold special services here on religious holidays.

To get a list of churches, mosques and synagogues in the area, call the Department of Social Work Services at 617-636-5136.