Quiet Policy

Let’s help kids get some rest

At Tufts Medical Center, our quiet policy helps children sleep, rest and enjoy quality health care in a peaceful environment.

If another patient, staff member, or visitor is too noisy, let someone on your care team know. We’ll speak with them first. We also offer eye coverings, earplugs, and headphones for patients. Just ask us.

If you’re a visitor, or another patient, please remember the people around you. By keeping conversations and TV volume low, you can make a huge difference in another person’s care experience.

Have an issue?

If you have a concern, it’s always best to talk with your care team first. But we also have a patient liaison on hand if you have further concerns. You can reach him or her at:

Office of the President
Tufts Medical Center
800 Washington Street, Box 451
Boston, MA 02111