Visiting Hours

Stop by and hang out

Our philosophy? Kids do better when they see their family and loved ones. That’s why we encourage visits to our pediatric patients.

Visiting hours are between 2-8 pm

Parents and grandparents may visit any time. There are times when your child’s need for rest or the needs of his or her roommate may require an adjustment of hours or number of visitors per visit. An adult must accompany visitors under 13 years of age. If there are times when your child does not want visitors, please let the primary nurse know.

Younger visitors + sick visitors

Visitors who are 16 years old or younger must be screened for colds and viruses before each visit. We ask that you check in with a nurse before entering a patient’s room. To protect patients from illness, anyone who is ill or has been in contact with a contagious disease (such as chicken pox) should not visit until any danger of spreading the infection has passed. Ask a nurse if you are uncertain about possible infection.

Special policies for units

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Transitional Care Unit have unit-specific visiting practices. Please check with your nurse before visiting these units.