Physician Comings and Goings

Last updated: April 2022

Tufts MC and Tufts Medical Center welcomes:

Suparma Sharma, MD Pediatric Hospitalist January 2022
Heather Grossklaus, NP Pediatrics January 2022
Soroya Rahaman, MD Gastroenterology January 2022
Kristen Ross, MD Anesthesia January 2022
Mary Buss, MD Palliative Care January 2022
James McCowen, CRNA Anesthesia January 2022
Richard Ceaser, MD Urology January 2022
Devina Savant, MD Pediatrics January 2022
Pablo Argueso, PhD Ophthalmology January 2022
Steven Yood, MD Surgery January 2022
Linda Wang, MD Endocrinology January 2022
Russel Flatto, MD Anesthesia January 2022
Anilkumar Katta, MD Rheumatology December 2021
Ryan Swartz, CRNA Anesthesia December 2021
Denisse Reyes, MD General Pediatrics December 2021
Sree Panginikkod, MD Rheumatology December 2021
Haihui Liao, MD Pathology November 2021
Marianne Feran, MD Pathology November 2021
Michael Henry, MD Psychiatry November 2021
Michael Smith, MD Pediatric Hospitalist November 2021
Deborah Markowitz, MD Pulmonary and Critical Care November 2021
Yingna Liu, MD-Fellow Ophthalmology November 2021
Tripta Kaur, MD Nephrology November 2021
Rejane Guerrier, MD Primary Care November 2021
Carl Geahchan, MD Anesthesia November 2021
Robert Daniels-Mulholland, MD Pediatric Hospitalist November 2021
Christine Johnston, MD Anesthesia November 2021
Philip Krapchev, MD Anesthesia November 2021
Narisa Apichatibutra, MD Anesthesia November 2021
Roosevelt Nwokeji, NP Psychiatry October 2021
MyDzung Chu, PhD Research October 2021
Ali Irshad, MD CardioVascular Center October 2021
Chirstian Soneru, MD Otolaryngology October 2021
Frank Zhou, MD Hematology/Oncology October 2021
Padma Dasari, MD (Locum) Commuinity Care October 2021
Julie Reardon, MD Pediatrics October 2021
Sara Szeles, MD Pediatrics Hospitalist October 2021
Caroline Hsu, MD Nephrology October 2021
Amanda French, MD OB/GYN October 2021
Sushil Singh, MD CardioVascular Center October 2021
Levin Yana, MD Anesthesia October 2021
Shivani Kumar, MD CardioVascular Center September 2021
Rabia Akhtar, MD Nephrology September 2021
Nassir Ghaemi, MD Psychiatry September 2021
Subha Mazonne, MD Pediatric Hematology/Oncology September 2021
Martin Hertl, MD Surgery September 2021
Alexa Carpinelli, NP Psychiatry September 2021
Barbara McCarthy, NP OB/GYN September 2021
Erika Werner, MD OB/GYN September 2021
Daniel Sun, MD Orthopedics September 2021
Andrew McQuide, MD Anesthesia September 2021
Prerana Baranwal, MD Pediatric, GI September 2021
Sarah Paraghamian, MD OB/GYN September 2021
Julie Ngo, NP Community Care September 2021
Erika McPhee, MD Orthopedics September 2021
Wei He, MD Pulmonary & Critical Care September 2021
Sarah Persing, MD Surgery, Plastics September 2021
Beth Drzewiecki, MD Pediatric Urology September 2021
John Paul Goreham, MD Ophthalmology September 2021
Evelyn Hall, MD OB/GYN, Urogynecology September 2021
Dhrusti Patel, MD Primary Care September 2021
Eirini Apostolidou, MD CardioVascular Center September 2021
Katelyn Seaver, PA Community Care September 2021
Edward Hong, MD Anesthesia September 2021
Sarah Fieber, MD Anesthesia, Critical Care September 2021
Ashtar Chami, MD
Kidney Transplant June 2021
Michael Robich, MD CardioVascular Center April 2021
Zimbul Albo, MD Neurology February 2021
Louis Reines, MD Colon and Rectal Surgery January 2021


Tufts MC and Tufts Medical Center departures:

Eric Mahoney Surgery May 2022
Mudit Chowdhary Radiation Oncology May 2022
Monica Sa Rego Anesthesiology May 2022
Joel Weinstock Medicine May 2022
Jennifer Hoffman Orthopedics April 2022
Karen Harvey-Wilkes Pediatrics March 2022
David Alvarez Pediatrics March 2022
Ronald Sunog Pediatrics March 2022
John Schorge OB/GYN March 2022
Xiping Zhang Attending Physician March 2022
Michelle Brown Pediatrics February 2022
Lawrence Brinckerhoff Surgery February 2022
Nayer Nikpoor Radiology December 2021
Yinga Liu Ophthalmology December 2021
Elaine Choi Medicine December 2021
Michael Cohen, MD Medicine December 2021
Barbarajean Magnani, MD Pathology December 2021
Julie Cerrone, NP TMCCC December 2021
Narae Ko, MD Ophthalmology December 2021
Justin Drager, MD Orthopedics December 2021
Karen Kwok, MD Psychiatry December 2021
Arielle Berish, NP Pediatrics November 2021
Samantha Polikowski, CRNA Anesthesiology November 2021
Sarah Clark, MD Psychiatry October 2021
Monika Roychowdhury, MD Pathology September 2021
Jill Maron, MD Pediatrics September 2021
Aba Al-Kaabi, MD Medicine September 2021
Jessica Haffajee, MD CardioVascular Center September 2021
Marina Estrin, MD Community Care September 2021
Hassan Rastegar, MD CardioVascular Center September 2021
Timothy Porter, MD Pediatrics September 2021
Scott Schroeder, MD Pediatrics September 2021
Jeffrey Cooper, MD Surgery September 2021
Alissa Levin-Scherz, MD Pediatrics September 2021
Cindy Varga, MD Medicine September 2021
John Cho Lee, MD Pathology September 2021
Tiffany Kolniak, MD Primary Care July 2021
Srinivas Bodapati, MD Primary Care - Wellesley June 2021
Ludmila Fridman, MD Neurology June 2021
Roger Graham, MD Surgery June 2021
David Harnett, MD Psychiatry June 2021
Mark Iafrati, MD Vascular Surgery June 2021
Stanley Nasraway, MD Surgery June 2021
Aaron Dickstein, MD Gastroenterology May 2021
Felix Mensah, MD Medicine April 2021
Laura Li, MD General Pediatrics April 2021
James Mahoney, MD Primary Care April 2021
Robin Koshy, MD Endocrinology April 2021
Stephanie Wrobel Goldberg, MD Neurology March 2021
Senada Arabelovic, DO Rheumatology March 2021
Elie Rebeiz, MD FACS ENT March 2021
Pooja Raval, MD Primary Care March 2021
Matthew Nuhn, MD Transplant Surgery March 2021
Saul Weingart, MD Chief Medical Officer February 2021
Linda Kaplan, MD Medicine February 2021
Adriana Desillier, MD Anesthesiology February 2021