The Survey of Well-being of Young Children

Choose a Form & Score the SWYC

Click here to download an Excel file that serves two useful functions.

  • Calculate which age-specific SWYC form to use for a particular child (given the date of administration, the child's DOB, and weeks premature if applicable)
  • Find out whether a child's Milestones score is above or below the scoring threshold (given the date of administration, the child's DOB, weeks premature if applicable, and the total raw Milestones score)

Download hand-scoring guides by clicking the links below

This SWYC Scoring Cheat Sheet includes all a brief version of scoring instructions on one piece of paper, back and front. Keep it on hand for quick reference! Download the SWYC Scoring Cheat Sheet >

Download the SWYC Comprehensive Scoring Chart >

This narrated PowerPoint will explain the process of calculating age by hand or using the SWYC Form and Milestones calculator. Open this file using PowerPoint and play as a slideshow. There is audio narration accompanying each slide (note: audio will not work if you open this file in Google Slides). Click here to download.

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