The Survey of Well-being of Young Children

Spanish SWYC

The Spanish SWYC forms were translated through a collaboration between Tufts Medical Center and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Key CHOP contributors included Marsha Gerdes, Victoria Novoa Uriarte, Ximena Cuellar, Zoe Feingold, Erica Just, and Jennifer Culhane.

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The Spanish SWYC forms are being continually updated to match the most recent version of the English forms.

Spanish SWYC Components

Age-Specific Spanish SWYC Forms

Bilingual Spanish-English Age-Specific SWYC Forms

Spanish Audio Files

Docs for Tots is a pediatrician-led nonprofit in New York that brings together children's doctors and communities to promote practices, policies and investments in children from prenatal to age five that foster healthy development and future success. They have developed audio files of the Spanish SWYC forms being read aloud. A description of the work they have done can be found by clicking here. To access the audio files themselves, please visit the Docs for Tots website here >

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