Pain Management

Your comfort comes first

Your physical, emotional and spiritual health is important to us. That’s why Tufts Medical Center staff pay special attention to your pain.

First, you’ll rate your pain

Everyone's reason for being at the hospital is different. And everyone has different levels of pain too.

That’s why we need your help in measuring your pain before and after medications. To help your doctors understand your pain, we use a Pain Intensity Rating Score Tool.

Everyone’s pain is different

Pain needs to be explained by the patient because you’re the only one who feels it. We always want to help lessen your pain. You always have the right to tell us about your pain and to help us plan the best way to treat you.

Pain management for all ages

We’re very familiar with treating pain across all age groups. So, no matter your age, we’ll work with you to make you as comfortable as possible.

How we control pain

We give medicines a few different ways:

  • Intravenous (IV) into a vein
  • By injection into a muscle or by injection just under your skin
  • Epidural (in the space around your spinal cord)
  • Swallowed as a pill or liquid
  • In a patch placed on your skin
  • As a rectal suppository

We might also use other methods, such as heat and cold application, and positioning and relaxation therapies, as well as medications.

Keep in mind, we’ll always monitor and can adjust your pain management. Just speak up – your comfort comes first.

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