Center for Children with Special Needs

Books We Recommend


Putting on the Breaks
Patricia Quinn, MD and Judith Stern, MA
A simple explanation and overview of ADHD for children ages 8-12. Putting on the Breaks explores the feelings and emotions of children with ADHD and offers strategies for overcoming obstacles associated with the disorder. Ages 8-12

The Putting on the Breaks Activity Book
Patricia Quinn, MD and Judith Stern, MA
An activity book to accompany Putting on the Breaks. Ages 8-13

Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention, 3rd Edition
Kathleen Nadeau and Ellen Dixon
A book that explains ADHD to children ages 6-12. Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention provides checklists and activities for children with ADHD. Ages 6-12

The Adventures of Phoebe Flower Books
Barbara Roberts
A collection of stories about Phoebe, a young girl with ADHD and her adventures. Children gain self-esteem through Phoebe’s interactions with her peers and her success in dealing with her ADHD and explaining her disorder to others. Ages 4-8

Learning Differences

The Survival Guide for Kids with LD: Learning Differences
Gary Fisher, PhD, and Rhoda Cummings, EdD
Tips for children 8+ for overcoming the challenges of their learning differences. This book affirms the intelligence and ability of children with LD to learn, while providing helpful strategies for success. Ages 8+

The Don’t-Give-Up Kid and Learning Differences
Jeanne Gehret, MA
The story of a child overcoming the obstacles of his learning differences. This uplifting book speaks compassionately to Elementary School aged children, boosting their egos and sending the message that success is possible. Age: Elementary School

Many Ways to Learn: Young People’s Guide to Learning Disabilities
Judith Stern, MA and Uzi Ben-Ami, PhD
This book provides descriptions of different Learning Disabilities and strategies for coping including how to succeed in school and how to do well on tests. First person accounts give children the reassurance that there are others dealing with the same challenges as theirs. Ages 8-13

All Kinds of Minds: A Young Student’s Book about Learning Abilities and Learning Disorders
Dr. Mel Levine
Using the stories of 5 different children, this book helps Elementary School kids to understand their learning differences. Children gain self-esteem as they learn that there are other children like them. Ages: Elementary School

Eagle Eyes: A Child’s Guide to Paying Attention
Jeanne Gehret, MA
This story of a young boy illustrates the natural gifts of children with learning differences and ADHD, demonstrating strategies for coping with the obstacles that these children might encounter. Ages: Elementary School

Color Me Successful
The Lab School of Washington
Sally L. Smith, Founder/Director

A unique coloring book with each page focusing on a different well-known role model that has had great success despite a learning difference. All Ages.

Keeping A Head in School: A Student's Book about Learning Abilities and Learning Disorders.
Dr. Mel Levine
This book is useful for middle school students, teachers and parents. It teaches strategies for success in school for children with learning disorders.

I’m Somebody Too
Jeanne Gehret, MA
Geared toward the siblings of children with learning differences, this is the story of a young girl overcoming the challenges of having a brother with a learning difference. Her initial worry, guilt and jealousy disappear when she learns to cope with and help her brother. Ages: 4-8