Child Life in the OR

Our child life specialist in the perioperative area offers simple explanations and preparation for your child's surgical experience and helps clarify any misconceptions or concerns.  Having an opportunity to explore basic medical supplies often helps decrease anxiety and diminish the fear of the unknown.

The younger children enjoy using our toy doctor kit and practice the anesthesia mask on a doll provided.  Common distraction activities (videos, toys, games) are also made available to help support children and relax them while awaiting the operating room.

Surgical Preparation Program

On the day of your child's surgery, a child life specialist will be available to help your child prepare.  However, if on the day of a pre-op visit you would like to also schedule a tour of the perioperative area, this can be arranged by calling the perioperative child life specialist at (617) 636-9983 or have the secretary page #3995.  All other times may be arranged at a family's convenience during the week.