Infectious Disease

Bone, Muscle and Joint Infection Program

If your child has had a recent injury and has lingering symptoms like a fever, pain and limited ability to move the injured area, he or she may be developing a bone, joint or muscle infection.

At Tufts Medical Center, our Pediatric Infectious Disease specialists have extensive experience in treating these “deep” infections, which are typically caused by bacteria in our environment like Staphylococcus aureus.  When this bacteria gets into the bloodstream it may reach a bone, muscle or joint where it can multiply and cause a deep infection.

Because pediatric bone, joint and muscle infections spread quickly through a young child’s body, it is important to treat this condition promptly. It’s essential for our doctors to begin treating your child soon after the infection starts because these infections can cause damage to bones and joints that can lead to lifelong growth and physical development issues.

When you bring your child to see one of our expert Pediatric Infectious Disease specialists at Tufts Medical Center, it is important to tell us your child’s symptoms, when they began and how they may have begun. After learning about your child’s symptoms and medical history, our doctors will examine the infected area and order blood and imaging tests that will help us to confirm a diagnosis.

Once we’ve diagnosed your child with a bone, joint or muscle infection, we will begin treatment right away. We typically treat these infections with:

  • Antibiotics – either through an IV, peripherally introduced central catheter (PICC) or oral dose
  • Surgery – we may recommend surgery to remove pus from the area of the infection to reduce inflammation

Our doctors make every effort to help your child completely recover from deep infections with no lasting issues. These problems typically occur for kids who have prolonged or serious infections that are left untreated, which is why it is important to have your child see our expert team should you suspect that he or she might have a deep infection.

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