Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute

Safety Handouts

Below are safety items we have available to hand out to the public at general events such as safety days, festivals, local community events, etc. We ask that items for specific programs such as the bath temperature indicator ducks, "I'm Safe" or B.E.L.T.S. booklets, Keyclubby bears or other items that belong to a particular program be distributed with that program since these items are designed to be used by specific groups.

Fill out the order form and email, mail or fax back to KPTI.

Activity and Coloring Book - Safety themed word puzzles, mazes, rebus pictures, etc. for children ages 5-15.
Home Safety Checklist - 4 page booklet listing ways to keep your children safe at home.

Safety brochures
Window Safety
Summer Safety
Pedestrian Safety
Water Safety
Holiday/Winter Safety
Fire Safety
After School Safety
Poison Information

Car Safety
Car seat stickers - to be placed on car safety seats to identify a child in an emergency.
Children in and Around Cars - brochure
Protect the One You Love - car seat information

Bike Safety
Bike Safety Packet - 4 pages - Bike Inspection Checklist; State Bike Helmet Law & Five Common Accidents; Message to Parents, Teachers and Motorists; and Easy Steps to Properly Fit a Bike Helmet.
Bike Basics - 12 page booklet from AAA of New England on bicycle safety tips.
Helmet Stickers - Identifier stickers to place inside a helmet in case of emergency.

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