Pediatric Urology

Urinary Tract and Genitalia Defects Program

We Pinpoint the Best Treatment for Your Child’s Condition

Children sometimes are born with defects of the urinary tract or genitalia. The good news: there are a growing number of treatments to choose from, many of them surgical, and we explore all of them with you. Should surgery be necessary, we first explore noninvasive approaches. And if you are concerned about a recommendation for surgery or any other treatment from another hospital or specialist, we encourage you to seek a second opinion from our experienced pediatric urologists.

Treating the Full Range of Congenital Defects

Our doctors treat and correct the complete range of structural problems in the urinary tract and genitalia. These abnormalities include:

  • Hypospadias, a condition affecting one out of every 200 to 300 boys, in which the urethra opening is on the underside of the penis
  • Undescended testes, a defect affecting three to five percent of boys, in which the testicles remain inside the abdominal cavity after birth
  • Tight foreskin, or phimosis, where the child’s foreskin is so tight it can’t be pulled back over the head of the penis
  • Intersex situations where development of male/female genitalia is ambiguous
  • Hydrocele, a swelling near the scrotum, in which the testes sac descends but does not close, causing fluid to drain into the scrotum

Our doctors are ready to help, offering the latest noninvasive treatments, traditional "open" surgical methods when needed and advanced, robotics-assisted procedures.