Pediatric Urology

Urinary Tract Stones Clinic

Welcome Relief for Children in Pain from Kidney Stones and Other Stones

At the Urology Division at Tufts Medical Center, we understand that nothing can be more upsetting to a parent than a child in serious pain. Bloody urine, nausea and intense pain can be signs that your child has kidney stones. Kidney stones were once mostly an adult problem – but no longer. Children are increasingly being admitted to the hospital with kidney stones, which can be caused by factors such as excessive weight and diets too heavy in calcium or fat.

Our highly skilled pediatric urologists remove or destroy any type of stone that makes urinating difficult and painful for your child, including kidney, bladder and ureter stones. We use the latest noninvasive and minimally-invasive treatments to remove stones and alleviate pain so your child can return to school and play as quick as possible.

We're Here Whenever You Need Us

Has your child woken up in severe pain? We are ready and equipped to deal with emergency cases, with 24/7 access.