To our Tufts Children’s Hospital Community:

We have always cherished our ability to make a difference in the health of the adults and children we serve. We know that where you choose for your child to receive care is a critically important, often times difficult decision, and we are eternally grateful for the trust you place in Tufts Medical Center to play this role for your family.

Today, we are seeing a change in the health care needs of our communities and we have come to an important but difficult decision. Pending regulatory approval, we plan to transition our pediatric inpatient services to Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) effective on or about July 1, 2022. Through this new collaboration, we will together be able to help more pediatric and adult patients with advanced diseases and injuries than we are treating today.

As your trusted care provider, please know that this change will have no immediate impact on your child’s care, and we will work closely with you and your child’s primary care provider to ensure seamless care as this collaboration develops over the coming months. Our pediatric primary care services in Boston will remain, including our Pediatric and Adolescent Asian Clinic, an important resource in our beloved Chinatown community.

If you receive care at a Tufts Medical Center clinic or site in the community, note that we have begun discussions with BCH on how to best structure these high-quality services, while ensuring they are kept close to home. We will have more to say in the coming months as our planning progresses.  In the meantime, Tufts Children’s will continue to provide these services to patients and their families.

In the meantime, we ask that you:

  • Continue to make appointments with your Tufts Medical Center physician’s office
  • Keep any appointments you have with your Tufts Children’s primary care physician or specialists
  • Keep an eye out for information from us about this collaboration. We will let you know if any changes in your child’s care will be needed as we move forward with this collaboration

Caring for our youngest patients and their families with expertise and deep compassion is a cornerstone of our mission, and this new collaboration is a continuation of that commitment. It ensures every adult and child in our community who needs the highest quality medical care can get it.

We will do all we can to keep you well-informed as our plans progress and to ensure seamless care for you and your family. If you have questions, please call the Tufts Medical Center phone line at 866-978-2339.

Most sincerely,

Geoffrey Binney, Jr, MD, MPH