Pediatric Urology

If your child is suffering from a disorder of the urinary or genital organs, the Division of Pediatric Urology can help. Our doctors, highly trained specialists in urology for children, diagnose and treat the complete range of problems in infants and children, as well as adolescents. Conditions we treat include everything from common ailments like kidney stones and bed wetting to duplex kidneys and other structural deformities.  And for urinary control problems, we use innovative therapies like video urodynamics and interactive biofeedback games.

Just as importantly, we are here to help you find the solution that works best for your child. We make every effort to explore alternatives to invasive surgery. Additionally, we're also equipped to deal with emergency cases, with 24/7 access, whether it be a twisted testicle that causes severe pain, a sudden inability to urinate, or injury resulting from a bicycle or sledding accident.

Working with you to find the right solution

We welcome families looking for a second opinion after they have received a recommendation from another hospital for an operation or other procedure. We are ready to help you explore the full range of alternatives, which may or may not require surgery.

Our division is a leader in Massachusetts for the minimally invasive treatment of bladder reflux, a condition in which urine backs up into the kidney.

What to expect

When you arrive, you will find a warm, supportive and collaborative environment. Our doctors take the time to understand your concerns and find the right approach to help your child. We're happy to communicate with you through your chosen medium, whether by phone or email. Additionally, we prioritize working closely with referring physicians, ensuring they're informed of every development regarding your child’s care.